Our Travel Secret

“How can you afford to travel so much?” a lot of our family and friends wonder.

Well….we have been flying for free, plus not paying for hotels, rental cars and other travel expenses.  Really!  An author friend’s son has educated us on the amazing world of points and miles.  Yes, yes…we had credit cards and frequent flyer accounts that gave us piddling points, but they were scattered hither and yon and never amounted to enough to do anything except a few magazine subscriptions or an upgrade.  But following Scott Keyes’s system has opened the world to us–literally.

In the past year alone we’ve flown for free to Boston 3 times, to Oregon from LA and back, all the way from Tampa to LA to Tahiti and back, upcoming trip to Italy (one way), and a forthcoming trip to South America.  We’ve used points for 4 hotel stays and a rental car or two.  We’ve also arranged free tickets for a round-trip from Oregon to Florida for Josh and Giulia for a Christmas present and still have a passel of points in the “bank.”

Yes, it requires planning, getting certain new cards, canceling other, renegotiating the fees (I got one waived this week), and learning how to maximize their use.  We have to keep “cheater notes” in our wallet to remember which credit card to use for what service (some have triple points for telephone bill or double points for restaurants or 20% back on points if you book travel through their service.)  It is work.  I also volunteer to pay big bills for friends on our credit card just to amass the points.  I am shameless!

Here is the “secret source.”

How to Fly for Free


and How to Find Cheap Flights


You can also get on his list for amazing deals.  He posts airline mistake fares and some are unbelievable if you can jump on them.

Sign up here.


There’s also something to be said about a savvy travel agent.  (Yes, they still exist, especially in the cruise world.)  Ours (Ann Morin at https://www.facebook.com/YourdreamVacationAnnMorin) finds us terrific deals and some are cheaper than staying home…well almost.


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